Optimum Pro Wipers

The Optimum ProWipers brand is an exclusive range of superb Non-Woven wipes that have been developed specifically to perform in nearly every wiping and polishing application. Our extensive range covers delicate polishing through to heavy industrial cleaning and includes the unique Resource Rag which provides a viable alternative to traditional wiping rags.

Multi Market

The expansive range of wipers and there varying attributes allow for Optimum ProWipers to have exceptional wiping products for every working environment.

From wiping solutions for general industrial purposes, Food Safe certified wipes for catering and hospitality markets, to specialist polishing wipers for the automotive industry, there is sure to be a product to suit all your wiping needs.


Each wiping product within the Optimum ProWipers brand is designed to excel in a range of working environments. This high quality partnered with a range of convenient dispensing options lends itself increased efficiency and cost savings with less wipes being needed to complete the task.